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About the company About the company

P.P.H.U. "STEVEN" company has been operating on the clothing market since 1995. Since then our products have acquired very good reputation not only in Poland but also abroad. Within all those years we have worked out the image of the solid and reliable company, meeting the clients’ expectations  and  fashion trends halfway. We have created a good brand providing the client with product quality and durability as well as aesthetic quality of realization and, above all, affordable price.

We apply the newest technology and top quality raw materials. The possibility of using a wide range of colours, styles and designs lets us satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers who appreciate comfort of using and, what is the most important, quality. In our collection you can find elegant formal socks, classical, sports and healthy ones, as well as legwarmers, ankle socks, over-the-knee socks, knee socks and tights.

We have professional and modern stock of machinery and qualified and experienced personnel. We participate in exhibitions and foreign fairs such as Salon International De La Lingerie Paris, Body Look in Düsseldorf or KyivFashion which are the biggest International Fairs of Underwear, Beach Fashion and Hosiery.

We produce on the first-class machines (from Italy, Korea and the Czech Republic) whose gauge is: 132, 144, 156, 176, 168, 200, 220 and 240. We own specialized machines which knit openwork tights and socks, terry shaped socks, comfortable socks with flat seam and complex colour patterns.

We sell our products  through the wholesale companies all over the country and through commercial network. Besides our regular collections we produce goods for special orders.  We are very flexible and do our best to adjust production to the market needs.

Thanks to a high production capacity we are able to cover our clients’  needs for goods. We keep developing also as export company. Our products are sent to such countries as Germany, France, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Romania, Czech Republic or Slovakia.

We would like to invite you to cooperation


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